The Monkeywrap

Wear your little monkey in style.

Known for being tailored to fit your body and
for the performance of our custom fabric.

The Monkeywrap’s® signature tapered tails
offer you shorter length and less bulk.

Your perfect-fit carrier as baby grows
and your body changes.

Wear baby from Birth to 30 pounds

“I have tried other competing wraps and there is so much material and very little stretch, Monkeywear® has perfected everything!”
Jess, Ontario

“With my twins I used the carrier that I was given and didn’t start until they were several months old. Now with baby #3 we are constantly on the go…. I have purchased and returned four different slings. This afternoon I bought your product and was able to place her in a comfortable hold the first time. I already know that I love this product.”
Kendra, B.C.


Babywearing promotes a more relaxed and content baby that feels safe, secure and cries less.

The Monkeywrap® offers you the convenience of being hands-free while knowing baby is close and comfortably safe.

Known for being smaller than other baby wraps, the Monkeywrap® has been carefully designed to offer you the best fit. Handcrafted in Canada from the perfect blend of cotton and spandex the Monkeywrap® offers you comfort and support by evenly distributing baby’s weight accross your entire upper body.

Feel stylish wearing your Monkeywrap® with its close fit and signature tapered tails.

A FRESH update to the traditional wrap-style baby carrier!

The Monkeywrap® looks like a shirt and can be worn all day whether carrying baby or not. We suggest you tie the Monkeywrap® at the start of your day and whether you are leaving the house or staying at home, you can just ‘pop’ baby in & out.

What makes the Monkeywrap® different from other wrap-style carriers?

The custom-knit stretch cotton blend offers softness, comfort and durability and allows the product to be much smaller and less bulky than the other wraps that are wider and longer, while still offering all the benefits a wrap has to offer. It stretches when you need it to stretch, making the placement and removal of baby easier but shrinks back down to a tight supportive fit for you & baby, adding to the comfort of the product.

Offering a custom fit every time it is tied, the Monkeywrap® supports the wearer’s back by using both shoulders and your entire torso to distribute baby’s weight without pressure points. There is only one size Monkeywrap®, offering multiple caregivers the use of the same wrap. It will fit almost anyone.

Structured carriers have been linked to hip displacia in babies and back problems in adults. They are difficult to adjust properly and are often worn incorrectly adjusted, causing further problems. Pouch or sling-style carriers put 100% of the baby’s weight on one shoulder while often forcing the wearer to practice poor posture to compensate, which leads to muscle, neck and spine pain. They also need to be sized to the wearer and cannot be shared with people of different stature.



As you go through your daily routine, you and baby will share the same space. Your baby will benefit from hearing your heartbeat and will be comforted with every breath you take. All babies love to be held. Instead of baby sitting in a swing, bouncy chair or laying and napping in a stroller or crib – wear your baby! Share your space while your baby learns from the sights and sounds of your day. Your day becomes your baby’s day.


Your comfort – As baby grows, the Monkeywrap® grows with baby, offering the ability to adjust for additional weight in the way it is tied, worn and fitted to both you and baby. By wrapping around your body and over your shoulders, the Monkeywrap® uses the strength of your entire back, shoulders, abs and upper arms to carry baby’s weight evenly. When the fabric is flat accross your back you should feel no pressure points.

As your body changes postpartum, the Monkeywrap® will fit you. You will not need to get a different sized carrier, it will still fit you perfectly every time it is worn.

Baby’s comfort – Handcrafted from our custom combed cotton and spandex blend, the Monkeywrap® is soft and natural while offering the added comfort of a slight stretch. The cotton allows the Monkeywrap® to breathe so mom and baby stay cool. The stretch allows the Monkeywrap® to give a bit of bounce while walking that offers baby a smoother ride while providing comfort to baby as they are placed in the carrier.


The convenience of having your hands free while wearing your baby is priceless. The Monkeywrap® allows you to have baby with you during your busy schedule. It gives parents free hands to care for older children while including baby in family activities.

  • wear it all day – tie on the Monkeywrap® at the start of your day and whether you are leaving the house or staying at home, you can just ‘pop’ baby in & out.
  • leave the carseat carrier & stroller behind! Great when you have an older child or toddler that can walk with you and hold your hand. Perfect for running into a store for a few items or stopping in at the bank!
  • easy to care for. There are no buckles or straps that need to be removed, and you can completely launder with your other cotton T-shirts in cold water and tumble dry on low.
  • fits in your diaperbag. Carry it easily when not being worn in your purse or diaperbag. Pop it into a Monkeywrap® Drawstring Storage Bag for added convenience.

Designed by Canadian parents – with style in mind.

You may have heard this one before, a company that was started by parents who had an idea, couldn’t find it available to buy and so started making for their family in order to fill the void.

That’s what we did. We loved wrap-style carriers. They have been used for centuries around the world and come in a million different styles, fabrics and strengths. They were the perfect carrier for us but…

The features we were looking for – style, comfort and convenience – were not all found in any one of the wraps we tried, purchased or borrowed from others in the search of the right one for us.

And so, we took out the scissors, developed the style of our wrap and then set out to find the fabric we knew we needed. After buying ready-made fabrics for a few months that didn’t quite work as well as we wanted them to, we found and developed our own custom fabric blend with a Canadian Fabric Mill.

As parents and environmentally conscious Canadians, Monkeywear® is dedicated to operating the business with a completely Canadian supply chain while following as many green and environmentally-friendly business practices as possible.

The development of a Canadian made Bamboo & Organic Cotton fabric was important to us. Bamboo and Organic Monkeywraps® have been available since 2010.

Our online customers now have the option to save money if they opt to not have the retail packaging included with their order.

Learn more about why we keep it Canadian and Monkeywear® Green policies.